Saturday, February 6, 2010

Born Again - Characterisation!!!!

I have been thinking of writing out the characterization of My Novel: "Born Again" for some time now however, unfortunately due to time constaints I haven't been able to do so. Let's look at what the character's look like:


Anubhav - The experience... Experiences can be good and they can be bad. When you meet this guy you'll have both. A vain guy, silent, unassuming, thinks more speaks less, even the people very close to him cannot claim that they know him well. He has one of the most poweful brains and can solve complex problems in one go. Astute managerial skills, brilliant technological knowledge, make him one of the best in his breed.

Anubhav who prefers a simple life lives in a world of his own and has created his own space in the world is known to guard his privacy so hard that almost throws Selly out of his car when she tries to ask him a question which he doesn't want to answer. No one know what relationship Selly and he share cos by the time knows that time the world knows about his relationship with Selly, she is DEAD.

Beneath the calm, cool and simple exterior there is a burning desire in him that transforms him from being a good man to a bad man. A desire to rule, a lust for power, a dream to destroy and feeling to kill, vulgar ambitions. Can he fulfill them... let's find out......


The king of good times wants to live his life king size. Born in the family of princely Solanki's of  Chittorgarh this fun-loving, super rich, super handsome has a penchant for all good things in life. From the best of wines & cuisines, to the best of cars and gadgets. This guy lives his life Royale class.

His world revolves around two people Anubhav and Bhumi - his lovely wife. He's full of energy and spirit and he'll make feel so good for even five minutes that you spend with him. By nature he is a complete contrast to the Anubhav and probably Bhumi as well and that's probably something that keeps them together. Well who knows my guesses as good as yours.

His world recieves a rude shock when he knows that his close friend has been brutually murdered. He refuses to agree with the fact that Anubhav is no more. Now he must find out the truth and save the world. Will he or will he not? Let's find out.


If you were to describe this Rajput girl in one word you'll say: AWESOME, oh yes! she is Sanjay's wife. Though to her he husband is eveything in the world she is one the most strong willed characters in the story. She always felt the Anubhav is upto something incorrect but she prefered not to speak as she feared her husband might not like it.

She played the perfect hostess to all the parties that Sanjay used to throw and enjoyed the company of people, press and media. However, despite of such a high-profile lifestyle she was always the down-to-earth girl next door. She is the one who encourages Sanjay to find out the truth behind Anubhav's death.


She is a BOMB. Not only she is hot in terms of her looks but also is excellent at reading people. This reporter of AHMEDABAD magazine is the first and only person to have judged Anubhav correctly. Call it feminine instincts or call it pure art she has an awesome capacity to know people's minds and read in between the lines as well. 

We don't know that whether she was smitten by Anubhav's simplicity or was curious for the suspense surrounding him but she falls for him. And as they say some relationships are dangerous. They truly are.


Vladimir Illich Ramirez Sanchez or simply Carlos is the world's most feared and dreaded assasin. He was last seen in Robert Ludlum's Bourne series of novels, now what's he doing here.

Is he out to kill someone here as well or is he just another guy or is he a pawn in someone else's game. Only time can tell.......

To be continued........

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