Saturday, May 1, 2010

Born Again - Chapter 4

Mean while in Paris….

Five Flights from five different locations landed at the Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris in a space of an hour in the wee hours of the morning.

Five eminent people from New Delhi, London, Moscow, Islamabad and Washington D.C. embarked from their respective aircrafts. The airport authorities had the orders not to ask them for immigrations or visa but to guide them to a separate exit to a waiting line of Porches.

Each one of them took a separate car and a separate route to reach their destination though their destination was the same: An Old Log wood Cabin at the end of 7th Arrondisment, Rue de Greniale. One of them took an enroute to Champ Elyees, stopped at BNP Paribas and transferred 100 M Francs from a G-15 Account to another account in Bank de Switzerland in the name of Red Sea Trading Corporation.

Each of the cars arrived at the 7th Arrondisment of Rue de Greniale at an interval of 20 minutes from the other and the gentlemen walked their way to phag end of the 3rd lane where their meeting point was decided. The log wood cabin was a sound proof room which had jammers around it. This place couldn’t be bugged or traced by any man or device alive.

The meeting began as soon as the last man entered the room. This meeting was called by the Head of NSA – Tim Saunders and consisted of men from Intelligence Agencies like SIS, KGB, the RAW and ISI along with NSA. It was for the first time in the history of the Modern world that such a meeting was organized. As a matter of fact the other four were highly surprised by such an invitation from the NSA.

“Gentlemen..” Tim Saunders began “We’ve gathered here to discuss a serious threat to the millions of lives in the universe and one man in particular. We have received a very strong intelligence that Carlos has been activated once again. I have kept a dossier on Carlos. Please read each line carefully. ”

The dossier contained a five page report on Carlos.

'Real name Vladimir Illich Ramirez Sanchez, son of Venezuelan immigrants, who had migrated to Chechen in USSR and practiced law. He learnt law from his father was involved in the liberation movement of Chechen. Due to his ruthless ways to conduct operations his own men disowned him and was arrested and sent to jail in Moscow. He fled from the prison and escaped to Cuba where he helped Fidel Castro gain power over Cuba. After some disagreements with Castro Carlos left Cuba and started on his own. In a short space of time he had established links with all the major terrorist outfits across the world ranging from IRA and LTTE to Al Quida and LeT. He currently has charges of assassinations and aiding terrorism in various countries across the world and is one of the World’s most feared and notorious criminals. His whereabouts: unknown. The only way he can be contacted is through his Mistress Bizarre Nunez who is currently believed to be somewhere in Argentina.'

“I see…, interesting data on Carlos” Ranvir Thakur commented on the report and continued further: “Now I understand why you called us here. This guy is a serious threat to the world and he must be nabbed, dead or alive.”

“Carlos can only be caught Red Handed. He is master of disguises and can fool some of the most intelligent people and systems around. We can never chase him and catch him.” General Pobrosky from KGB suggested. He wasn’t amused at receiving an invitation from the American. He infact had a strong dislike towards Americans and was surprised at receiving an invitation from them.

“Evidently General, of all gathered here you are probably the most knowledgeable on Carlos.” Martin Jacobs of SIS interjected. “Probably you can add Mr. Zia to that list as well.”

“For us he is a pain, and we want to see him dead as much as you do, but we have reports that he is well connected with the ISI.” General replied hoarsely.

“That’s not true…” Liakat Zia from ISI shot back angrily

“Oh come on Liakat, we all know his role in helping Al Quida to pull off 9/11 in US and 26/10 in India, and the attackers in both these cases came from Pakistan. Diplomatically you guys may want to deny the proofs we’ve submitted but we all know that they were yours.” Ranvir Thakur from the RAW shot back at him.

Liakat Zia was at loss of words. He turned to Saunders and said: “Mr. Saunders, have you called me in here to get insulted……”

Saunders: “Now Now gentlemen, let’s put our differences behind and focus on the problems ahead.” He turned to Zia and continued: “While there is no denying of the fact that Carlos has connection with ISI, he can be a serious pain to you as well."

Saunders made this statement with an air of authority that every one turned silent. Liakat frowned and sat there sulking and making faces, scowling at others.

Tim Saunders paused to take a sip of water and continued.

“Gentlemen, post 26/11 Carlos has turned his focus towards assassinations….his next targets are rich and famous people, politicians, industrialists, actors and sportsmen etc. If we don’t stop him he would start a series of Murders here.”

“It doesn’t make sense to me…why would someone who is in college want to appear for a Board exam” Ranvir Thakur asked.

“The answer is easy and quick money. Pulling off an international crime takes time and there are lots of risks involved. Assassinations are easy, quickly done and the money is good as well if the person is a Big Name.” Martin Jacobs from the SIS replied.

He paused to see the expressions on other people faces and continued.

“We’ve intercepted a coded message that went from Zambia to Argentina where the details of his next target were sent to him and Ranvir this might be of an interest to you.” He looked towards Ranvir and continued, “Cos his next Target is Anubhav Bindra.”

There was a stunned silence in the entire cabin you could hear the sound of cars passing by which were almost 4 kms away. Every one knew that SIS’s intelligence is the best in the world and it could never be wrong.

“B B But why him….” Ranvir asked nervously.

“That’s a question only you can Answer..” Saunders replied “Ranvir, I want you to brief us about Anubhav Bindra, we need to protect him in a way he doesn’t come to know of, Martin will help you with the Gadgets and training to help your cause. General Pobrosky, please provide all the details and information you have on Carlos.” Saunders replied with an air of authority.

“What on your mind Tim.” General Pobrosky asked inquisitively.

“To catch the Rat we need to showing the cheese, we’ll set up a trap for him and ISI will help us get to him” Saunders smiled “We’ll meet here next week same day same time and in a similar fashion with a definitive plan. Please get cracking we don’t have much time.”

Saunders adjourned the meeting and all the Gentlemen left in the similar fashion in which they had come.

They all gathered at the same place after a week’s time and the intensity of the occasion was clearly visible on the faces of them all.

Ranvir Thakur began:”We’ve collected all the details about Anubhav Bindra, it’s placed in the dossier in front of you.”

All of them opened their respective dossiers and started reading it with Curiosity written all over their faces

'Name: Anubhav Bindra a.k.a AB stays in the city of Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Is the CEO of the fasting growing company in the world InfoGleam Corporation. Loves, to read books and travel. His parents died in a car accident when he was 20 and has been all alone since then. His only friends in this world are Sanjay and Bhumika Solanki the Chairman of Infogleam Corporation. Is not known to socialize much, but recently attended an Infogleam party and is reported that he left the party early but went home quite late, which is quite unusual for someone like him, currently he is Vacationing with Sanjay and Bhumika in Goa.

He follows a strict routine in his life and wakes up sharp at 7:00 am in the morning and goes to Karnavati Club for jogging and exercising. From there he heads straight to the office and returns home at about 8:00 PM in the evening and goes to bed sharp at 10:00'

“The only places he is vulnerable is while driving his car and when he is at the club.” Ranvir said when all of them had completed reading his report.

“You can also add his home.” Martin Jacobs said

“So what information do we have on Carlos General?” Tim Saunders asked General Pobrosky.

“Carlos loves playing with the law. He will give you traces and clues about the crime he is gonna commit and I believe the code that you intercepted the other day is just that clue.” General Pobrosky said

“Our sources say that currently he is somewhere in Mauritius….” Liakat Zia added.

“Aha” excalimed Martin Jacobs. “Just yesterday we received intelligence that the Famous Adnan Khashoggi has brought an Island near Mauritius. Now this clears the air. Maybe they are trying to set up a base camp over there” he exclaimed.

“Gentlemen this is not good news, we need to act fast. Ranvir, please make arrangements for a Chauffer for Mr. Bindra and also try and fix all the monitoring Gadgets in his house ASAP. I would also like to have you recruit two of your men at that K Club so that they can guard him from a distance.” Saunders said anxiously.

“Will be done, Tim” Ranvir Thakur assured him.

“Liakat, please arrange a trap for him. I know he has been of help to you in the past but you never know when he’ll turn his back on you guys, if you guys help us in here we’ll surely help you sort out the Taliban problem” Saunders said to Liakat Zia.

Zia thought for a while and outweighed his options on one hand there was a notorious criminal who could never be trusted on the other hand there was international help on Taliban threat. The latter certainly seemed more attractive.

“Okay Gentlemen, the ISI is with you in here. You’ll get all the help you need.” Zia confirmed.

“Great” Saunders continued. “General Pobrosky and Jacobs, we’ll need your help with the intelligence as you two are the best on it. Please keep a close eye on Carlos and other related happenings and I shall head this operation and provide you with all the necessary funding required for this operation. I have already transferred 100 M Francs in the Swiss bank account in the name of Red Sea Trading Corporation. The details of the account are given in the Memory card placed in front of you.”

He paused for effect and then continued in his characteristic style with an air of authority.

“Team, together we shall and we will nab the world’s most notorious criminal. We’ll call ourselves ‘the Brood’ and it’s gonna be ‘the Brood’ v/s Carlos. This is gonna be our last face to face meeting from now on we shall communicate only via the satellite phone. All the best of luck to everybody” Saunders adjourned the meeting.

All of them left the place wondering about only one thing “Why Anubhav Bindra…”

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Born Again - Chapter 3

“You just can’t seem to stop talking about him.” Priyanka said

“Yes Pree, he is just too magnetic.” Selly replied.

It was a nice lazy Sunday evening with cool breeze from west giving the city of Ahmedabad a feeling being a pleasant place to be in. Selly and her room mate decided to enjoy the beauty of the evening by having a cup of tea in their balcony.

This was the same day Selly had done an interview with Anubhav. She was so taken over by him that she couldn’t just stop talking about him. His simplicity, his love for books and gadgets, those little things that he did. So much was her banter about her interview that her roommate Priyanka was literally bored of it.

“Well take care not to fall in love with him. These corporate guys can never be trusted.” Priyanka continued.

“Oh common Pree, I don’t think I am in love with him. It’s just that I am way too impressed. Most of the people I’ve interviewed have a flashy lifestyle. Want to flaunt something or the other. But this guy is different. He prefers to keep things to himself. He is simple, decent, down-to-earth and extremely honest. I think my respect has grown for him since the interview.” Selly said trying to conceal her feelings but in vain though.

Priyanka knew her roommate and her friend too well to gauge the fact that Selly indeed had fallen in love with Anubhav. Selly had the men all over falling for her and she had never even given a second thought about most of them. This was the only time when Selly was talking intently about someone. However, she chooses to keep her knowledge to herself.
Just then Selly’s cell phone rang. It was Richa, InforGleam’s PR head.
Richa: “Hi Selly, sorry to bother you on a Sunday. I just wanted to invite you.”

Selly: “Oh that’s no problem Richa. It’s always a privilege to receive your invitation. BTW, even I have something exciting to share with you.”

Richa: “Oh really, what is it.”

Selly: “Well, I did a cover story interview with Anubhav Bindra today. He is appearing on our magazine’s cover in the next edition.”

Richa: “Not bad Selly, getting AB for an interview is in itself a big deal and the fact that he agreed. God must be very pleased with you. I’ll look forward to your next edition now. BTW I called you invite you for our Party tomorrow evening 7:00 pm at the Taj Ummed. Please be there to cover the entire party it’s a big event for us.”

Selly: “Sure Richa, I’ll be there.” As she disconnected the phone. “Another chance to meet him.” She thought.


At the right place, at the right time Selly and Kedar the photographer of the magazine started to cover the party. Taking bytes from guests, clicking snaps of each one of them as they arrived. They had the orders to cover the maximum of the party and they were just doing that.

The Ambience was jut like it would have suited the Royal lineage that Sanjay and Bhumi had. There were perfume sprays, flowered entrance, white coated waiters, finest blends of scotch, and the most exquisite cuisines. It wasn’t just first class it was Royal class.

“Hi, Selly” came a voice from behind as she sipped her welcome drink. She turned around

“Hi, Richa, it’s so nice to see you. You look gorgeous.” Selly said sweetly greeting Richa with a peck on either cheek.

“Oh thanks, so howz the party.” Richa asked.

“It’s just……Royal class.” Selly replied struggling to find superlatives.

Their conversation was interrupted by a voice on the microphone. It was of Anubhav Bindra. Selly switched on her Dictaphone to record what he said.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, lend me your ears. Today is a great day for us. “

Listening to Anubhav was so magnetic that Selly almost forgot the fact that she was in a public place. She felt as if she was at some alone uninhabited place and Anubhav’s voice her only guiding light. The clamor of applause broke her thoughts.

It was official Sanjay Solanki and Mark Rupertson from NBC signed their respective contracts and exchanged them. They shook hands and struck a pose for the swarms of photographers who just couldn’t take their hands away from the click button.

After the contract signing ceremony there were rounds of cocktail and it was Sanjay himself raised the toast signaling the party to begin. The DJ played the latest music the dancers did the jig like there was no tomorrow. Wines flowed, and Mr. Rupertson could just hide his glee at the hospitality.

Selly was done with her interviewing and picked up a glass of wine. She saw Anubhav; she couldn’t resist the strong desire to talk to him. She started moving towards him but was suddenly interrupted by Sanjay Solanki.

      “Hey Selly, so nice to see you here.” Sanjay came and greeted her. “I want you to meet a couple of people.” He took her arm and led her towards Bhumi and the other guests. “Selly, this is my Wife Bhumika and He’s our CEO Anubhav Bindra – the genius as we all call him.”

“It’s so nice to meet you Mrs. Solanki.” Selly greeted Bhumi with a Peck on either cheek.

 “Same here Selly, please call me Bhumi.” Bhumi replied sweetly.

Selly turned to Sanjay and said.

“And as far as your CEO is concerned. I’ve met him before; I just did a cover story interview on him yesterday.”

“Oh that's gr8… AB you’ve started to take my variety advice rather seriously.” Sanjay laughed clearly he was surpried as well as happy for his friend.

“Well it’s just that I met her by the roadside the other day and…..” Anubhav started to explain

“Oh come on AB, it’ good to be social you need not explain everything you do to your Boss, and Sanju can you for once stop taking a dig at him.” Bhumi said with concern for Anubhav clearly in her voice.

“OK OK Boss no more of leg pulling.” Sanjay said in a voice of mock apology.

“Well Sanju, the Boss is always right. So Bhumi agreed I will be more social from now on.” AB said.

All of them burst into laughter. The party continued to flow in its elements. Mr. Rupertson was clearly stumped with the hospitality that he received. The party ended at 2:30 am past midnight and Selly as usual was waiting for some transportation to reach back home when Anubhav’s accent stopped in front of her.

“What on earth are you doing here at this ungodly hour?” Anubhav asked concernedly.

“Just hoping to get some transportation back home.” Selly replied with helplessness apparent in her voice.

“Come on get in, you should have informed Richa earlier and we could have arranged for something.” AB said rebuking her.

“That’s ok Mr. Bindra I am used to late hours, it’ a part of my profession.” Said replied.

Selly sat inside the car and Anubhav drove on. There were a few silent moments in the car. No one said a word till they reached Subash Bridge. Selly tried hard to conceal her feelings but finally her heart won the battle.

“Mr. Bindra…” she started.

“Anubhav or AB.” Anubhav corrected.

“Ok Anubhav, I wanted to tell you something. “ Selly said

“Go on.” Anubhav replied without looking at her.

“You can call it feminine instincts or a plain banter, but after our interview yesterday and listening to your speech today. I always get a repeated intuition about one thing.” Selly said.

“I don’t think I am getting you.” AB said seeming interested.

“Well I feel that there is some load of energy within you which is waiting to burst. You don’t seem to be satisfied with what you are currently and you want to break free. You want to do something different; something ground breaking, something…….” She would have continued but a strong sound of the car breaking stopped her.

Anubhav just kept looking in her eyes with a look that would pierce the soul. It didn’t take a behavioral expert to gauge the fact that Selly’s banter had touched AB’s raw painful nerve.

“I I am sorry if I’ve hurt you but …..” she said her voice faltering not being able to withstand AB’s stare she lowered her eyes.

“You are right Selly” he said silently. His face expressionless “if only I could explain it to you.” He said regaining his composure driving on. No word was spoken in the car till they reached Selly residence.

“I don’t know if I’d be saying this but would you mind in having a cup of coffee.” Selly said getting down the car.

“Well it’s too late in the night for coffee.” AB said in a tone wanting to avoid further conversation.

“Sir, you’ve given me lift twice now please allow me to return the favor. Maybe a coffee might just be the best thing to help you to pour you heart out.” Selly persisted.

“Well if you insist.” AB said and parked his car. Both of them went to their apartment on the 8th floor.

“So you stay alone.” AB said looking around her apartment inquisitively as he seated himself.

“I stay here with my room mate who is an airhostess. She had an overnight international flight today and won’t be back till day after.” Selly replied from the kitchen as she started preparing coffee.

Anubhav sat there glancing a few magazines as Selly prepared coffee for both of them.

“So now tell me what’s been bothering you.” Selly asked as she entered the living room with a tray carrying two cups of coffee.

“I must say you have fantastic apartment. Can you show me around?” Anubhav asked as if he didn’t hear the question.

“Yeah come along.” Selly said.

“So now can I have my answer?” Selly asked again.

“That’s a nice wind chrime that you have.” AB said avoiding the question.

“It Is, what about my question, I want an answer.” Selly said impatiently.

“Quite a breezy place is this apartment.” AB continued further.

“AB, for God’s sake will you please stop avoiding me and answer my question” Selly yelled.

“Why on earth are you so keen on it? Don’t you see that I don’t want to answer…?” AB yelled back.

“Why?” Selly asked again raising her voice with tears in developing in her eyes.

“And why should I tell you?” Anubhav asked getting irritated…

Cos….Cos I LOVE YOU AB……….” Selly began to sob “and I can’t see you in the distress that you are in right now. You have forgotten how to smile, how to be happy and I want you to be happy. I want to be happy with you.” Selly sobbed as she hid her face within her palms and sat on the sofa.

“You don’t know me enough to love me.” AB said as he left.

The very next moment there was silence in the room and AB’s car starting could be heard in the silence of the night and Selly collapsed crying on her sofa.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Born Again - Chapter - 3

                 Never ever, not even in her most weirded dreams did she ever imagine a prodigy to be so simple. There was nothing extra-ordinary, nothing that would set him apart from the rest of the world.

"It seems as though I am writing about a common man. It's impossible......... either this guy is duping me or he is purely no masala." Selly thought to herself, reflecting on the interview she had done with AB.

Contrary to her belief  that she would get some good masala about this guy's love for Cars, Gadgets, his girlfriends, Pets or the clothes-line, all she got to know was about his ordinary beginings, simplicity of thought and life style, his ideas and his vision for InfoGleam.

"Maybe his simplicity is the difference....." She thought to herself as she readied for the office the following Monday.

She had been thinking about Anubhav since the time she left his home after the interview yesterday.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Born Again - Chapter - 2

The Same day at the office of Ahmedabad Magazine....

"Selly, I need a cover story on Anubhav Bindra for this week's edition." - Mark Whitmore the Chief Editor of Ahmedabad Magazine ordered.

For, 20 years in Journalism Mark had many interviews and cover-stories done for the publications he had worked with. He joined Ahmedabad a lifestyle magazine of the rich and famous five years ago and had celebrities like the Ambanis', the Adanis', Amitabh Bacchan, Sachin Tendulkar, the local boy Parthiv Patel among the few who had appeared on the cover of his magazine. Sanjay Solanki himself had appeared thrice on the cover of Ahmedabad. As a matter of fact it was considered as a special previledge to appear on the cover on this magazine.

He was chasing Anubhav Bindra for almost a six month for an exclusive but with no success. Finally he choose to use his trump card. Celina D'Souza, a gorgeous, ambitious and a drop dead sexy looking asst. journalist who wanted to make it big in the world of Journalism.

Selly : "You know sir, it's impossible. He is a boor. He would never yeild." Ozzing her oomph even as she spoke.

Mark: "Oh then make it possible, Selly" Mark Vent out his frustration on the poor soul. Quickly he realized that this fragile thing is not the one who can cope up to his yelling he composed himself and continued. "listen, this is important for our magazine to have his cover. Anubhav Bindra is an umknown quantity the world wants to know more about him. Go find out. You crack this one for me and I'll ensure you get a good raise."

Selly: "That's so nice of you. I'll try my level best. Sir, can you give me a few leads as to where I can start." she added sweetly. "It's always so good to learn from you."

Mark:"You, really have to be lucky to get this guy. But I am sure you'll do a good job. I'll let you know if I can think of something. You may go now I have something else to do right now."

Selly:"Ok Sir."

Mark didn't have much to do but he was finding it hard to control the feelings of lust he had towards this girl. "How can one not fuck her." he thought. He almost had an erection but controlled it somehow.

Selly came back to her desk and was thinking of ways in which she could get a Cover Story on AB. Getting to him was a real problem. She saw a muse trap and an idea flashed in her mind. "To catch the mice you need to show him cheeze." she thought. "Why not circulate a rumour and he'll himself come out of is shell and we'll get him." She hadn't even seen him or had no clue what AB looked like or is like. All she knew was that he was the CEO of the fastest growing company in Asia and was considered a genious.

She was so lost in her thoughts about the "cheeze" that little did she realize that it was almost 9:30 and everybody had left the office for the day. She went out of the office to realize that it had started raining rather heavily. She reached the bus stop completely drenched. There were no signs of any bus or rickshaw coming that way. The rain was making her feel cold and the chill prompted her to put out her hand and ask for lift.

She saw a white Hyundai Accent coming towards her and she signalled it for a lift. The signal was enough to stop the car. She just went to the car as the driver lowered the window.

"I am sorry to bother you sir. I need to go to Vastrapur and it seems I won't get any bus or a rickshaw. Could you please help me reach Vastrapur." She said to the Man whom she didn't recognize.

"Get in" said the voice.

She got inside the car.

"Where in Vastrapur do you stay." asked the Voice.

Selly: "I stay in Lad Society near Management Enclave. It's ok if you can drop me near Mansi cross roads."

"Fine, I can drop you till Management Enclave." said the Voice.

Selly: "Thats so nice of you, sir! BTW I am Celina De'Souza. I work with Ahmedabad Magazine."

Voice: "Oh that's gud. I do read your Magazine at times. Our Company's Chairman has appreared on the cover a couple of times as well."

Selly:"Oh really, which company do you work with?"

" I am with InfoGleam Software Corporation." the Voice said.

Selly: "Oh yes! Sanjay Solanki. He is a good friend of our magazine. Nice man. Infact, your CEO Mr. Anubhav Bindra is also quite cool. He's gonna be on our Cover Page in the next edition."

Voice (Sarcastically): "Oh really."

Selly:" Well, actually we plan to and I have been assigned the job to do a cover story."

They turned towards Vastapur from IIM Cross roads and the Voice inquired further.

"So you really think AB will agree to do an interview?"

"Well I know it's gonna be tough. Probably the toughest job of my life. " Selly shrugged "But it's a challenge and I don't even know where to begin from. I just want to do it cos I want to bring it out to the world what is the real Anubhav Bindra till date he is an unknown commodity and the whole world wants to know. I want to show it to the world what Mr. Bindra thinks. How is he able to do all that he has done. The guy's real a genious, I am sure he can be an inspiration" Selly said with a sense of excitement in her voice.

"So here we are at the Management Enclave." said the Voice "All the best for your cover story. I'll let AB know that he is needed for a coverstory somewhere."

"Thanks a lot, Sir! Can you tell me where cud I meet him." Selly Inquired.

"Well! he stays in Rajpath Bungalows. Bungalow No. 37. You can meet him at his home this Sunday." The Voice said.

Selly:"BTW Sir, I don't know your name as yet."

Voice:" I am Anubhav Bindra." as he drove off.

Selly just stood there. The heavy downpour didn't matter. She couldn't believe her ears as to what they have heard. "God can't love me so much." she thought. She just wanted to shout and dance her way to her home.

"You wouldn't believe what happened today." she said as she just hugged her room mate......

"There's something about this girl. Either she is a crook or an angel." AB thought as he changed into his favourite kurta and pyjama. There was a feeling he couldn't comprehend. His senses told him that everything was ok but he didn't feel it that way. For the first time in five years he was feeling happy. "There's something about this girl which wants me to talk to her more." he said to himself as he was having dinner. For the first time in his life he felt he needs to have some fun. He just looked around and told his servant.

"I think we should buy a new house, new car and should buy some new clothes as well. What say Ghelabhai."

Ghelabhai: "Motabhai, I am so happy today. For the first time in all these years you have expressed the desire for all the good things in life. " Ghelabhai beamed with Happiness.

"Haa Ghelabhai, aaj jine ki tamanna jag uthi hai." he said to himself.....

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Born Again - Chapter 1

"Your Coffee Sir",

The waiteress puzzeled muzzeled....perplexed that she might disturb the club's most respected and expensive guests, and so she did. Certainly if not disturb the voice did stir up one Mr. Anubhav Bindra who seemed to be lost in the world of his own thoughts & the waitress's voice brought him to ground zero and when he touched down to the real world the impact of the thoughts could still be felt.

"Good Morning Sir, Your Coffee." the waitress smiled apologetically, left the coffee and went away. For a few moments Anubhav just stared at his coffee wondering where to collect his thoughts from. For some time everything seemed unreal to him.

"Sir, your Coffee has cooled down, would you want me to reheat it." - The waiteress said coming back again.

"Yes please, thank you" Anubhav replied calmly as if he didn't care.

"And would like something else as well.." the waitress inquired

"YES, another cup of hot steaming coffee and a Henry IV sandwitch" said a loud and cheeful voice from behind. The waitress turned around to find Mr. Sanjay Solanki standing there.....

"Oh! Good Morning, Sir how was your US Trip..." the waitress said...

"It was very good Sweetheart." Sanjay replied.

"That's so gr8, I'll get you your stuff." The waitress said and left.

"Hey AB..." Sanjay said as he held his frd in a bear hug. "Hey Sanju.." Anubhav replied as he greeted him.

The two then settled down on the table and Sanjay asked.......

"What's the matter with you AB. You don't seemed to have slept properly last night, also you didn't drink your coffee, Is there something bothering you...." Sanjay asked.

"Nothing, We'll discuss that later....First you tell me how was the trip. Did the Yankees Yeild." Anubhav replied..

Sanjay: "OH YEAH!, we got'em square and round" he paused to sip his coffee and then continued. " We cracked the USD 120 M deal with NBC with 50% paid in advance & the job gets done at our terms."

AB(Elated): " Oh that's Super Sanju, this calls for one of your Royal Celebrations. "

Sanjay: "Yeah that's gonna happen soon as soon. When would you want to start working."

AB: " I hope to begin from the first of next month. I'll need to take that time to put the team together. We'll deliver the first package by the end of next month. Don't worry technically I've worked it out all. We'll deliver the best."

Sanjay: "Yeah I know, You're gonna do a gr8 job. I trust you on that one as a matter of fact my job with this deal is now over, it's all your show now, so now tell me what was it that was bothering you."

AB: " Nothing my Friend, I was lost in the past years of my life. I could remember everything. The College, the Chai ketli where we used to sit and chill out,  Mom and Dad, their death, Our starting of Infogleam, our first contract, your first girl friend, your marriage etc. some how my memory goes blank for the last 5 yrs. All I can remember is nothing........ that's what is perplexing me. I don't know what happened to the last five yrs of my life."

Sanjay: "Come Let's go for a walk."

The two friends leave the sidewalk cafe and go for a walk at the jogging track of the Karnavati club.

Sanjay: "So tell me more"

AB: "Sanju, my life is all about Ideas, Ideas that have propelled us ahead. The idea to provide IT Enabled Services when the whole world was going bonkers on the DOT coms. However, for the past few days these ideas seem to have deserted me. I couldn't think anything new, anything ground breaking, anything that would take the world by the storm as we did almost five years ago. This made me go back and think in my past to investigate this further and somehow I'm still struggling figure it out what is it, why have I become so monotonous, so singular, so much in the box that I can't think of anything out of the box....."  Anubhav shrugged and continued " If we don't come up with anything new I fear we will die into obscurity all these mega million deals are fine but we need to do things differently and that's what we are unable to do right now.I am not thing about the present but I am thinking about the future...."

Sanjay: "Hmmmm...... yes you are right we'll need to invent and reinvent, engineer and reengineer always and I think I know the solution to the problem."

AB(Happily): "Really, please tell me..."

Sanjay: "The solution to the most complex problems lies in the simplicity of adressing it. Sometimes when we think hard, we tend to complicate our thought process so much so that we tend to forget to stick to the basics. You need to ask yourself are you sticking to the basics, are the solutions to complex problems simple enough and is the effort enough....."

AB: "Go on I am Listening..." his face lightening up

Sanjay: "AB, your problem is that you've hardly had a break in the last five years, hence the thought process is very much the same. You need a break, maybe just for a few days, this will help you to recollect your thoughts maybe. Also, you need to spice up your life a bit. You have got into the monotony of the routine life. Look at your dressing style seems as though a man of sixties."

AB: " And how will that help.."

Sanjay: " Don't undermine them. These small changes like going for a holiday, socialising, dressing up as per the trends will add a variety to your life, and variety my dear is the spice of life. they help one to rejuvinate which is not happening in your life right now. So let's plan for a holiday. How about Goa."

AB: "Oh common Sanju, there's hell a lot of work that we got to do."

Sanjay: " Oh just don't worry everythng will be taken care of. So it is all settled we are going to Goa next week. Even Bhumi will love break. Please yaar you need it....."

"Oh the two of you are here! I have been searching for you in the enitre club." - Before Anubhav could reply he heard a faminie voice and it was of Bhumika  Sanjay's wife. "Anything wrong guys. You seem to be having a serious discussion."

Sanjay: "Nothing Honey!, we've decided to go on a holiday next week to Goa."

Bhumi: "That's gr8, I'd love to go to Goa. It will be gr8 fun, but how did Anubhaiya agree..."

Anubhav: "Well it's not right to say no to your Boss, isn't it."

Sanjay(Sarcastically): " And the Boss is always right."

And they all started laughing heartily.....

Bhumi: "Chalo, let's go or you guys will be late for the office.."

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Born Again - Characterisation!!!!

I have been thinking of writing out the characterization of My Novel: "Born Again" for some time now however, unfortunately due to time constaints I haven't been able to do so. Let's look at what the character's look like:


Anubhav - The experience... Experiences can be good and they can be bad. When you meet this guy you'll have both. A vain guy, silent, unassuming, thinks more speaks less, even the people very close to him cannot claim that they know him well. He has one of the most poweful brains and can solve complex problems in one go. Astute managerial skills, brilliant technological knowledge, make him one of the best in his breed.

Anubhav who prefers a simple life lives in a world of his own and has created his own space in the world is known to guard his privacy so hard that almost throws Selly out of his car when she tries to ask him a question which he doesn't want to answer. No one know what relationship Selly and he share cos by the time knows that time the world knows about his relationship with Selly, she is DEAD.

Beneath the calm, cool and simple exterior there is a burning desire in him that transforms him from being a good man to a bad man. A desire to rule, a lust for power, a dream to destroy and feeling to kill, vulgar ambitions. Can he fulfill them... let's find out......


The king of good times wants to live his life king size. Born in the family of princely Solanki's of  Chittorgarh this fun-loving, super rich, super handsome has a penchant for all good things in life. From the best of wines & cuisines, to the best of cars and gadgets. This guy lives his life Royale class.

His world revolves around two people Anubhav and Bhumi - his lovely wife. He's full of energy and spirit and he'll make feel so good for even five minutes that you spend with him. By nature he is a complete contrast to the Anubhav and probably Bhumi as well and that's probably something that keeps them together. Well who knows my guesses as good as yours.

His world recieves a rude shock when he knows that his close friend has been brutually murdered. He refuses to agree with the fact that Anubhav is no more. Now he must find out the truth and save the world. Will he or will he not? Let's find out.


If you were to describe this Rajput girl in one word you'll say: AWESOME, oh yes! she is Sanjay's wife. Though to her he husband is eveything in the world she is one the most strong willed characters in the story. She always felt the Anubhav is upto something incorrect but she prefered not to speak as she feared her husband might not like it.

She played the perfect hostess to all the parties that Sanjay used to throw and enjoyed the company of people, press and media. However, despite of such a high-profile lifestyle she was always the down-to-earth girl next door. She is the one who encourages Sanjay to find out the truth behind Anubhav's death.


She is a BOMB. Not only she is hot in terms of her looks but also is excellent at reading people. This reporter of AHMEDABAD magazine is the first and only person to have judged Anubhav correctly. Call it feminine instincts or call it pure art she has an awesome capacity to know people's minds and read in between the lines as well. 

We don't know that whether she was smitten by Anubhav's simplicity or was curious for the suspense surrounding him but she falls for him. And as they say some relationships are dangerous. They truly are.


Vladimir Illich Ramirez Sanchez or simply Carlos is the world's most feared and dreaded assasin. He was last seen in Robert Ludlum's Bourne series of novels, now what's he doing here.

Is he out to kill someone here as well or is he just another guy or is he a pawn in someone else's game. Only time can tell.......

To be continued........