Sunday, December 13, 2009

Born Again - Prelude

Many people ask me a question why do you want to write a Novel......... The simple answer is I always wanted to do things which I like the most and writing is just one of them. Today when I have completed penning the whole novel I am pretty much satisfied with the way things have shaped up.

Let's have a brief look at what "Born Again" is all about.


Born Again is a story of a corporate genius - Anubhav Bindra who takes his company from zero to $ 1 Billion in 5 years. He is a fast thinker, quicker action-taker, result oriented and very very brilliant individual. He feels his personal life has a void and due to this he begins to loose his focus. He decides to go on a holiday where he hits upon a brilliant idea for a new product that could change the dynamics of Automobile and Software market. Could this be another shot to glory for Anubhav and his company or could this spell peril...... only time will tell......

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  1. cool......gr8 dear brother..keep it up plz.very nice thought.i thnk suits to ur nature very much.go best wishes with you.
    -sneha di.