Monday, March 30, 2009

Amitabh Bacchan Says

  1. One cannot discover new oceans, unless one has courage to lose sight of the shore
  2. You can win life by all means.. yes… by simply avoiding two things… comparing and … expecting
  3. If people start criticizing you, hurting you, shouting at you.. don’t be bothered. Because in any game, spectators make noise, not the player. So just play on !
  4. Its hard to lead a cavalry charge if one thinks that he looks funny on a horse !
  5. There are only two people who can tell the truth about yourself.. a friend who has lost his temper, or an enemy who starts loving you.

Nice ones AB.................I truly love it..........Main hu unke saath khada jo seethi rakhte apni reedh

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